Rock on the wing: Timothy Jaromir's upcoming release “Pacific Gold” EP

PACIFIC GOLD is Timothy Jaromir’s newest and most venturing effort. 

Recorded in Vancouver with the renowned Canadian producer Howard Redekopp, the Zürich (UK/CZ) based artist challenges the boundaries of the songwriting-cliché and enriches his Folk-Pop with Blues, Rock and electronic elements. The result is refreshing, exciting and all the while exciting. 

At the end of 2010 Jaromir released his first album "Salton Sea" led by the deep and catchy single "Pagan Stars". It was an auspicious start. This title was nominated as best pop song at the M4music Festival Demo Tape Clinic and landed Jaromir a slot at one of the largest music festivals in Switzerland, the Gurtenfestival. 

For his next EP released in 2011, he took the jump across the big pond. "Flying Jewel" was recorded in the heart of Toronto, Canada with the acclaimed producer David Gavan Baxter. 

Jaromir’s single “Heartlines,” was locked in rotation with major Swiss National radios, while various international radios caught on as well. 

The dreamy underwater music video for, “Heartlines,” was shown on MTV Switzerland, Joiz and SRF2. 

Performances at the Songbird Festival Davos and Open Air Zermatt followed and Jaromir has since then has toured in Canada, Germany and other European countries.

PACIFIC GOLD is an evolved step for Jaromir with songs achieved through endless touring, songwriting and working as a sideman guitarist. For this newest work Jaromir collaborated with acclaimed Vancouver based Howard Redekopp (Tegan + Sara, The New Pornographers). Together they recorded an EP that slowly unwinds traditional folk and hammers it with rock, blues and electronic elements, a setting where Jaromirs’ unique voice thrives. 

The EP "Pacific Gold" is set for release on April 18, 2015 and marks the next milestone for the well travelled artist. Watch for him live with a stellar band in Switzerland and abroad.

Timothy Jaromir: vocals, acoustic guitars, electric guitars, keboards, hammond B3
Kurt Dahle: drums and percussuion
Rykka: harmonies, vocals on Don't You Honey Me
Howard Redekopp: bass, glockenspiel
Ryan Guldemond: electric guitar on Don't You Honey Me & Song for a Fox
Erik Nielson: bass ond Don't You Honey Me                                      

Recorded, engineered and mixed by Howard Redekopp in Vancouver, Canada
Mastered by: Dan Suter, Echochamber, Zürich, Switzerland

Label: Vissen Records
Year: 2015