Mixing the songs and live show next Wednesday!

Hey everyone!I'm kicking alive! Busy mixing my new songs with producer Howard Redekopp! It's coming along really nicely and I'm so excited to share soon! Until then come see me at the Rüsterei in Zürich next Wednesday! I'll be playing a duo show that will be featuring Rykka singing some songs with me! And for sure I'll be playing some of my new tunes! Happy June to you all!

What's crack-a-lackin?Hope you all had a safe and happy transition into 2014! I'm writing from the beautiful and sunny town of Vancouver! I flew in from Switzerland a couple of weeks ago, and I'm staying downtown in east Vancouver in a nice yellow painted house. I am stoked to be here working with a man called Howard Redekopp for my new album. Howard is a Vancouver, British Columbia based Canadian music producer, mixer, engineer who has worked with a large number of musicians such as Mother Mother, the New Pornographers or Tegan and Sara. I will keep you posted for more news soon! Take care!

Writing a new album!

I thought I would throw out some words and let you know what I've been up to since there hasn't been too much news from me lately. I am, as you might have guessed in the process of writing a new album.For this new record I actually set out wanting to write a whole album about stories that I started collecting over the past few years. True stories I would hear or read from around the world. But while I started writing the songs I had to partly let go of this idea and just follow my instinct.It was like trying to shoot an arrow at a moving target. And the songs started coming along more easily after being more open to more options. I also changed my writing habits a little bit this time and switched from using my acoustic guitar as a main writing tool to using my computer. This change is sure enough bringing along some new tunes, different textures and styles to my songs which I really like. I'm still chasing the seemingly magical moment of creation after all these years of songwriting and I'm still trying to understand the code of how the magic works. And sometimes I feel close to knowing the answer just to wake up the next day and feel I know absolutely nothing about it. It's just something you can catch a glimpse of now and then but you can't touch it or bottle it. That's what makes it so attractive. In the words of Tom Petty: Some days are diamonds, some days are rocks. But that's the whole process of Songwriting, right? So far about fifteen new songs have emerged. Right now I like to see the songs as famous movie stars because they have similar features to some. So I have a Ryan Gosling, an Audrey Hepburn and a Nathalie Portman Song, maybe also a James Dean one I like. And I'm still tempted to write a Zooey Dechanel and Javier Bardem Song. If you're waiting for a Jim Carrey Song, it's not going to happen. More news coming soon! Photo by Howard Linton

Covering the Civil Wars - New Video!

Hi there! From my bedroom window I can see far over the lake of Zürich. This time the sky is really heavy with dark clouds hanging low over the lake. I'm snug and warm tough. Working on new songs. I guess I have at least 5 new songs I like and I'm hoping to record on my next album. In the meanwhile here is a nice video we did covering The Civil Wars. We wen't poppin some tags and look pretty stylish...hope you like it!

Timothy Jaromir & RYKKA cover Birds of a Feather

Tour Blog 16-24 of Feb 2013

Tour Blog 1: 16-24 Feb. 2013 Ryyka & Timothy Jaromir See photos on my Facebook page Our Tour has been running for more then a week now. Last Saturday I took the early morning train up to Leipzig to meet up with Rykka there. The same night we had a show at FraKu in Leipzig. It was nice to have a big stage for our first show together and we enjoyed it and got a cute apartment for the night in a trendy part of the town.

The next day we drove to Berlin to stay with our friend Peter Ray. We did an interview and a couple of songs at Fritz radio with Christoph Schrag who has a great radio show called Fritz Unsigned. On Tuesday we played at White Trash in Berlin. It's a great venue. Dark and quirky with a rockstar attitude and the best burgers ever. We were happy to see some good friends that came out. We didn't get very much sleep that night because of crazy loud construction workers right above our heads. The next day we just hang out in Berlin taking it chill and discovering some thrift stores in town.

At noon the next day we hit the road towards Poland. Arriving in Poznan we did a video clip for the Poznan Balcony TV at the Hill Hostel. We made friends right away with the balcony TV crew there. They where really cool people. Later we played our show at Scena Pod Minoga. The audience was incredible! Cheering and dancing like crazies! We played the last few songs offstage in the audience. Later that night we hung out with a bunch of people that invited us to an after party to drink Vodka and listen to Michael Jackson and get barked at from a crazy dog called Jazz who also loved to eat potato chips.The next day we where invited to breakfast and did another thrift store tour in Poznan. Driving back to Germany we got lost a couple of times due to the Navigation that kept sending us to some random snowy backyards instead of highways. We drove back through cold landscapes, scattered with modern windmills and arrived in Greifswald just to have the best show ever.

The venue, "Kulturbar", was crowded, cozy, warm and decorated with candles. Christian the booker gave us the best drinks called flaming tiger and russian coke shots to help us fight the tiredness! We were starting to feel really tired, especially Rykka because she has been driving all the way up to now! Also we really need to shower. Haha. The next day we hit the road again towards Lübeck to the island Fehrman up on the north sea.

We were happy to be welcomed by a really nice venue called "Cafe Liebevoll" where we had a nice show with a really appreciative audience. They loved our music and we sold lots of CD's and Vinyl. We were also so happy to have a long sleeping night ahead of us in a lonely deserted hostel. It was so nice for us that we decided to stay one day longer in Fehrman. We drove to the ocean and made a visit to the lighthouse. Hoping to find the Jimi Hendrix monument that was built there after he apparently played a festival shortly before his death so we where told.

Tomorrow we are taking a Ferry to Denmark and driving to Copenhagen.

Thank's for reading this! More words coming soon!