Pacific Gold (Remixes) Release date 24.2.2017

It's time for some news. If you ever wondered how my music would sound like if I'd be making electronic music instead of americana, then you will be able find out what it sounds like on February 24 2017. I will be releasing a brand new EP with four tracks from my last EP Pacific Gold, remixed by Pablo Nouvelle (CH), BLOCKBUSTER (CA), Bobby Pescod (CA) and DEM YUUT (US). I love the tracks and I'm exctited to share with you soon. Hope all is well.

Love TJ

Timothy Jaromir - Montreux Jazz Festival 2016 - Live Videoclip


Et voilà! Here is our live video from our concert at the Monreux Jazz Festival 2016! Thank you Stephan Huwyler for making this amazing clip/documentary! Thank you to Roman Frischknecht 48v for mastering the song and to my amazing band; Daniel Eugster, Nicolas Sciarrone, Manu Rindlisbacher, Rykka! 

Breaking into the German Airplay Charts!

Hey there,

Can't even say how exciting it is that my song "Don't You Honey Me" feat. Rykka (Acoustic) entered the german Airplay charts and remained in the top 100 for a couple of weeks. That is really great. Thank you to all the radios who supported my song and Chris Flanger for working hard! In the meanwhile I'm writing new song in Italy. More news soon! A bientot!

Thank you Montreux Jazz Festival

Thank you Montreux Jazz Festival!
I really enjoyed playing at this wonderful festival with my band. The festival boards right onto the lake Geneva, looking over to the French alps and down to the Wallis. We had a great show at Music In The Park! What an amzing time! Thank's to Maxime Bourdin for the photo.

Montreux Jazz Festival 2016

Live at Montreux Jazz Festival 2016

Hey, What can I say? I'm just super stoked and happy to be playing at this year's 50th anniversary Montreux Jazz Festival. I've seen so many great, inspiring and out of this world musicians play there and it means a great deal to me that I can play there this year with a fantastic band backing me up! My band will be: Manu Rindlisbacher (bass), Rykka (voc) Nicolas Sciarrone (e-git), Daniel Eugster (drums) See you soon! 


Supporting Denison Witmer


Well I'm just sitting in my warm kitchen sending out some emails, spreading the word that I'll be supporting Denison Witmer next Saturday Nov. 14 and I'll have Rykka come sing my tunes with me. I have been listening to his music for quite some time. I discovered back in 2005 after he released his amazing album Are You A Dreamer (Militia Records). He's been an inspiration for quite a few songwriters such as Sufjan Stevens or William Fitzimmons. It's unbelievable that I haven't actually even seen him live yet. So it's a double anticipation for me. The show will take place at Pillow Song Loft in Stans which has been founded by Sarah Bowman & Rene Coal BurrellGet your tickets for next Saturday HERE

Photo by Howard Linton, at Musigbistrot, Bern 2015

More news will be coming very soon. I am currently working on a deluxe edition of my new EP "Pacific Gold" with remixes and acoustic versions. Lot's of love TJ