Don't You Honey Me (feat.Rykka)  

Hello girls and boys! I am so happy to announce that my first new video clip is out today! It's a clip to the new single Don't You Honey Me (feat.Rykka) that has already been added to some major radios! WATCH THE VIDEO HERE The song will be available on the 20 of February 2015 and is the first single of my new EP "Pacific Gold" Enjoy! 

Filming a new video clip in a beautiful villa!

How's it going? I'm great. Last Monday we filmed a new video clip for one of the new songs on my upcoming new EP "Pacific Gold". The song is called "Don't You Honey Me" and I wrote it as a duet. When recording the new tune I asked Rykka to come along and sing the vocals for my counter part! It was fun. I feel very privileged that director/producer/photographer and film expert Stephan Huwyler jumped right in to film a clip for the song. We filmed it in a the big Villa Sunneshy in Staefa, thank's to Beda for letting us set up and work there. The video clip will be released next February! So very soon. Can't wait to share.

Filming Don't you Honey Me!
Filming Don't you Honey Me!

New video clip is coming your way soon!

Hello!Last Saturday I got to see the finished video clip for my new single Jump & Scream! I am very proud of it and I am excited to show and share the clip and the new music with you soon! Meanwhile I am spending some time in Vancouver. For the first time I visited Victoria on Vancouver Island and was lucky to catch some great performances at the Rifflandia Music Festival!

Shooting a new video for my new single

Hey there Here is some news for you. Last Friday we spent a whole day shooting a new music video for my new single called Jump & Scream. I was very lucky to work with the talented Simon Ramseier also known from the swiss rock band "Lovebugs" where he plays the drums. He's motto is "be realistic try the impossible". We filmed inside an old barn, western style and were also very lucky to have a old Peugeot form 1954 that my buddy Noel lent us for the clip. Also we had the wonderful actress Olivia Stutz playing a bad ass lady that takes revenge. i'm very excited to share this video clip with you soon. Sometime around September 2014. Stay safe. Yours Timothy Jaromir

Mixing the songs and live show next Wednesday!

Hey everyone!I'm kicking alive! Busy mixing my new songs with producer Howard Redekopp! It's coming along really nicely and I'm so excited to share soon! Until then come see me at the Rüsterei in Zürich next Wednesday! I'll be playing a duo show that will be featuring Rykka singing some songs with me! And for sure I'll be playing some of my new tunes! Happy June to you all!

What's crack-a-lackin?Hope you all had a safe and happy transition into 2014! I'm writing from the beautiful and sunny town of Vancouver! I flew in from Switzerland a couple of weeks ago, and I'm staying downtown in east Vancouver in a nice yellow painted house. I am stoked to be here working with a man called Howard Redekopp for my new album. Howard is a Vancouver, British Columbia based Canadian music producer, mixer, engineer who has worked with a large number of musicians such as Mother Mother, the New Pornographers or Tegan and Sara. I will keep you posted for more news soon! Take care!