Pacific Gold (Remixes) Release date 24.2.2017

It's time for some news. If you ever wondered how my music would sound like if I'd be making electronic music instead of americana, then you will be able find out what it sounds like on February 24 2017. I will be releasing a brand new EP with four tracks from my last EP Pacific Gold, remixed by Pablo Nouvelle (CH), BLOCKBUSTER (CA), Bobby Pescod (CA) and DEM YUUT (US). I love the tracks and I'm exctited to share with you soon. Hope all is well.

Love TJ

Live at Montreux Jazz Festival 2016

Hey, What can I say? I'm just super stoked and happy to be playing at this year's 50th anniversary Montreux Jazz Festival. I've seen so many great, inspiring and out of this world musicians play there and it means a great deal to me that I can play there this year with a fantastic band backing me up! My band will be: Manu Rindlisbacher (bass), Rykka (voc) Nicolas Sciarrone (e-git), Daniel Eugster (drums) See you soon! 


Pacific Gold is out today!!!

Front cover 1500x1500px.jpg

Dear everyone! I'm very happy to announce that my new EP "PACIFIC GOLD" IS OUT TODAY!!! 
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THANK YOU SO MUCH to all the people that helped and were involved in my new work. Howard Redekopp ,(production engineering and mixing and bass) Rykka,(vocals) Kurt Dahle (drums)  Ryan Guldemond (guitar) Chris Mitchell (trumpet) Eric Nielson (bass) Echochamber Dan Suter(mastering) Little Jig Records Greg Zeder for promotion in Switzerland Monarch Studios Vancouver Lynol Lui Photography front cover photo, Helen Eady cover art work

Filming a new video clip in a beautiful villa!

How's it going? I'm great. Last Monday we filmed a new video clip for one of the new songs on my upcoming new EP "Pacific Gold". The song is called "Don't You Honey Me" and I wrote it as a duet. When recording the new tune I asked Rykka to come along and sing the vocals for my counter part! It was fun. I feel very privileged that director/producer/photographer and film expert Stephan Huwyler jumped right in to film a clip for the song. We filmed it in a the big Villa Sunneshy in Staefa, thank's to Beda for letting us set up and work there. The video clip will be released next February! So very soon. Can't wait to share.

Filming Don't you Honey Me!
Filming Don't you Honey Me!

New live video!

Hi Folks! I'm proud to present my new live video! We filmed the clip in our old farmhouse and my awesome band that includes Nicolas Sciarrone (guitar), Manu Rindlisbacher (bass) and Simon Schwarzenbach (drums) all came out to hang out for the day. Thank you so much Urs Rusterholz from for filming and editing and photographer Howard Linton and Pascal for coming along and filming! WATCH THE VIDEO HERE!