Pablo Nouvelle

Pacific Gold (Remixes) Out now!

Dear all, 

I am very pleased to release a new EP today. Four international artist have reinvented four of my songs. Pablo Nouvelle from Switzerland reworked the track The Blame Game, BLOCKBUSTER who are also involved in the canadian band Austra did a new version of my Song For A Fox, Bobby Pescod, also from Canada, got groovy on Jump & Scream and DEM YUUT from Minneapolis reworked Morphine. I love the results and I hope you like them too. They are now available on all major platforms. 


1. The Blame Game (Pablo Nouvelle Remix)

2. Song For A Fox (BLOCKBUSTER Remix)

3. Jump & Scream (Bobby Pescod)

4. Morphine ( DEM YUUT Remix) 

Pacific Gold (Remixes) Release date 24.2.2017

It's time for some news. If you ever wondered how my music would sound like if I'd be making electronic music instead of americana, then you will be able find out what it sounds like on February 24 2017. I will be releasing a brand new EP with four tracks from my last EP Pacific Gold, remixed by Pablo Nouvelle (CH), BLOCKBUSTER (CA), Bobby Pescod (CA) and DEM YUUT (US). I love the tracks and I'm exctited to share with you soon. Hope all is well.

Love TJ